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Heart Box

CD Rack

Project: Heart Box

Click for big view (Sorry so blury!!!) This little project was a Valentine's Day gift for Jane. I got the plans from a Woodworker's Journal eZine newsletter just in time and felt I just HAD to make it.

The plan called for 1 3/4" thick single piece of stock but I didn't have any of that thickness. Instead, I had a piece of quilted maple and some black walnut that I laminated together. This made the box a little taller but it didn't really have an effect on these plans.

I had to ban Jane from the shop for a few days while I worked on this. I was so behind that the final coat of finish wasn't dry when I gave it to her. She's quite understanding about these little oddities of mine. :-)


The Maple we used was from a larger piece of nicely figured stock that Jane fell in love with at the lumber store. Unfortunately, the box is so small that it really doesn't show off that quilting enough to do it justice. I'm saving the rest for something bigger, maybe a jewelry box with that as the drawer fronts.

Click for big view

Side View

Here's the cleanest photo I managed to get. The top is "hinged" with a dowel that is glued to it and floats inside a hole in the base.

I got to play with actually resawing for the first time on this project. My 14" Jet bandsaw runs very smoothly, I was pleased to discover.

Click for big view

A View from Above

Here's a shot of that figured Maple I mentioned. Since this is such a small object the quilting doesn't have a whole lot of room to shine. However, that grain pattern looks very nice as well.

Don't tell anyone, but you'll probably notice I goofed and oriented the grain the wrong way. It dawned on me after I'd cut out the center chunk and by then it was too late. Thankfully, the bottom holds the sides together just fine. Phew!


I am subscribed to a bunch of Email newsletters and this project's plan came from one of them. This one I got from the Woodworker's Journal eZine.

You can get a PDF viewer from Adobe at this link.

heartbox.pdf - This is the PDF.